Duty Roster Management Software

CloudPital Duty Roaster Management Software module has designed a software which revolutionizes the deployment of human resources. Our software aims to provide you with the best of services and is designed in a way to overcome any challenges. Various staff members are assigned duties through the features provided by the integration of CloudPital Duty Roaster Management Software module. Work hours can also be scheduled for employees working in different departments whether they are medical or paramedical professionals. This makes the whole process very effective and simple. Individual workload reports are also delivered using CloudPital Duty Roaster Management Software module along with management of the staff shift rotation.
A complete log of employee attendance is also maintained and substitutes are assigned in case of absentees. Overtime of each employee is also maintained along with their duties assigned.


  • CloudPital Duty Roaster Management Software module provides simple management of employees duty shifts.
  • It allows for the scheduling of appointments with reference to the shift timing of the specified consultant.
  • In case of absent employees, CloudPital Duty Roaster Management Software module allows manipulation of substitutes.
  • Printing of monthly or daily planners for a specific employee or a specific duty.
  • Provides online, real-time updates of the duties assigned to the employees.
  • It also provides advice in terms of appointing the correct staff for a specific duty.
  • It ensures proper staffing to increase the performance of the employees.
  • Emails are sent automatically to the staff members about their duties and schedules.

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