Pathology Lab Software

CloudPital Pathology Lab Software is a specially designed module to broadcast and record data corresponding to all tests performed in the laboratory. It allows laboratory personnel to create requests and facilitates the users by offering functionalities of online receiving requests from doctors. CloudPital Pathology Lab Software is designed in a way to centralize the database and modules of the clinics, medical laboratories and hospitals in a single unified interface. CloudPital Pathology Lab Software keeps information of all the test billings, online request receipts, report delivery and pre-booking, and allows to access and maintain it.

Records of tests performed under various disciplines including Haematology, Serology, Neurology, Biochemistry and Cytology are maintained with the support of CloudPital Clinical lab software. Anyone of authority can access the patient’s data and the lab personnel can save all patient related data prior and after examination along with the sample number.

In order to avoid potential errors and flaws CloudPital Pathology Lab Management Software provides the best means of report generation, printing and billing of different types within a couple of seconds. Revenue monitoring is also possible for better administrative perspectives. It is easily available and affordable making it most doctors and lab technician’s choice.


  • CloudPital Pathology Lab Management Software provides online receipt request for investigational purposes.
  • It has an extremely powerful search option which allows to search on the basis of unique Patient ID and record ID with the specified dates.
  • It maintains a log of patient visitors, referred doctor, preferred doctor availability and appointment date.
  • It generates subsequent samples automatically and also allows sample prioritization.
  • CloudPital Pathology Lab Management Software provides a very comprehensive inventory management system.
  • It provides invoicing and billing functionalities along with patient’s reports and summaries with a built-in formatting.
  • Test results are communicated in real-time to clinicians with the help of CloudPital Pathology Lab Management Software
  • It provides an organized backup facility along with report e-mail functionality.

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