Accounts Management Software


CampusQlik accounts management software let you stay in full control of your money at all times. It allows you to track the expenses and income to ensure that each and every dollar and cent is being taken in to account. CampusQlik Financial accounting software offers the practical solution to the schools by offering deep analysis of financial accounts and valuable insights. You are going to get amazed by the power which CampusQlik will place at your fingertips.

CampusQlik offers an error free accounting system which eliminate the risk of fraud, disclosures, incorrect financial statements and other book keeping mistakes which are often seen in case of manual bookkeeping. You can also offer the transparency in the finance through tracking of calculations. You don’t need to waste your precious time in managing the accounting software as we can do that for you and let you focus more in managing your educational institution.

Integration with Fee Management

CampusQlik is a powerful tool which allows integration of account management with fee management and it manage fees with accuracy and transparency.

Workload Reduction

You can easily eliminate the need of manual entry and save time and money on administrative tasks through effective use of CampusQlik.

Manage profiles of students with ease

You need to streamline the school processes right from the initial inquiry to enrollment and things in between them. CampusQlik offers the student information system to help you in implementing a perfect recruitment policy and offers you complete insight which is needed to manage the strengths of the school.

Reduce Administrative tasks burdens

CampusQlik efficiently reduce the burden of administrative tasks and let you work efficiently and effectively.

CampusQlik List of Features


CampusQlik Accounts System Features

  • Double Entry accounting system ensure accurate entries to offer guarantee of balanced Trial Balance.
  • Various modules like fee, enrollment and other processes are auto linked with accounts system so when you add or change any entry, all the accounting reports will be automatically updated without any sort of delay.
  • Well-defined chart of accounts to ensure system efficiency
  • All kinds of vouchers which includes:
    • Cash receiving and payment voucher
    • Journal Voucher
    • Bank Cheques Issuance Voucher
    • Bank Deposit of Cheques and cash vouchers
    • Online payments voucher
    • Online payments voucher
  • Bank Reconciliation form to keep the system updated and synchronized with banks.

CampusQlik Accounts Reports

  • Accounts and  Party Ledgers
  • Cash book report
  • Accounts Payables and Receivables Report
  • Auto Created Trial Balance
  • Auto updated Profit and Loss
  • Auto updated Balance Sheet
  • Expense Detail and summary reports
  • Monthly Expense chart which will give insight about month wise comparison and view of your expenses.
  • Un cleared cheque report
  • Bounced and Lost Cheques Reports
  • Bank and Cash position report
  • Option to print General Journal